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VATStuff provides a double-entry bookkeeping system with facilities to create purchase orders and invoices and to record costs and calculate VAT returns. VAT calculations are designed to meet UK regulations, and are not applicable to other states. Even for non-VAT registered companies, VATStuff enables you to record your transactions and produce invoices.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Oct 2010 11:33

    Release Notes: A "claim vat" option was added to purchase orders; if unticked it sets the purchase orders as VAT unclaimable, and the VAT on associated supplier invoices is then not included when calculating input tax. This is useful for purchases such as entertainment, where VAT cannot be claimed. Under system, a new account "Unclaimed VAT" has been added to record this expense. Choosing customer/supplier now opens a choice box with companies under alphabetical tabs. This is better than a drop down list, which gets too long if a large number of customers has to be shown. A Windows version is now available. Some bugs were fixed.

    •  11 Sep 2010 18:46

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The previous version broke Python 2.5 compatibility, and was found to have several other bugs which this release fixes.

      •  07 Sep 2010 15:14

        Release Notes: The program now allows multiple windows to open, so multiple accounts can be simultaneously viewed. Further reports have been implemented, including a search field, and there is better operation under Windows.

        •  20 May 2010 14:45

          Release Notes: Changes to the GUI: better user feedback, and the admin functions now allow users to create new, or open previous, databases. Some minor bugs have been cleared up. No changes to the database form, so databases working with version 0.2 onwards should also work with this version.


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