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OSSP var is a flexible, full-featured, and fast variable construct expansion library. It supports a configurable variable construct syntax very similar to the style found in many scripting languages (like @name, ${name}, $(name), etc.) and provides both simple scalar (${name}) and array (${name[index]}) expansion, plus optionally one or more post-operations on the expanded value (${name:op:op...}). The supported post-operations are length determination, case conversion, defaults, postive and negative alternatives, sub-strings, regular expression-based substitutions, character translations, and padding. Additionally, a meta-construct plus arithmetic expressions for index and range calculations allow (even nested) iterations over array variable expansions (..[..${name[#+1]}..]..). The actual variable value lookup is performed through a callback function, so OSSP var can expand arbitrary values.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Oct 2005 22:04

    Release Notes: sprintf(3) parameter passing has been fixed. The build environment has been upgraded to GNU libtool 1.5.20 and GNU shtool 2.0.3.

    •  31 Oct 2004 14:01

      Release Notes: The Unix manual pages were cleaned up and extended. Minimum C++ build support was added. Support for the DMalloc library was fixed. The output of "var-config --libs" was fixed. The build environment was upgraded to GNU libtool 1.5.10.

      •  13 Sep 2004 08:54

        Release Notes: The build environment was updated to use GNU libtool 1.5.8 and GNU shtool 2.0.1.

        •  04 Apr 2004 11:00

          Release Notes: This release removes "cast" warnings related to function point passing. It provides autoconf check AC_CHECK_VA_COPY for checking the va_copy(d,s) macro and providing fallback implementation. It upgrades the build environment to GNU libtool 1.5.4 and GNU autoconf 2.59.

          •  15 Feb 2003 05:42

            Release Notes: All remaining memory leaks were fixed, the source code was cleaned up to support ISO C and C++ compilers, and the build environment was upgraded to GNU autoconf 2.57, GNU libtool 1.4.3, and GNU shtool 1.6.2.


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