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  •  08 Feb 2014 06:14

    Release Notes: The main application is now a Python 3 program. The C++ simulation code is wrapped into modules by Boost.Python, so there's no loss of performance. This is intended to be a first step toward a friendlier game-like interface. Other changes include better robot behavior, especially when passing, the ability to qualify and race against robot cars, tire heating, and improved randomly-generated tracks.

    •  19 Jan 2012 23:33

    Release Notes: This release adds improvements to the computer-controlled cars. They handle just about any track without tweaking. They even account for humps, dips, and banking when deciding how fast to go and when to brake. They can be pretty stiff competition. The control algorithms are documented in detail.

    •  12 May 2010 10:50

      Release Notes: Robot drivers now try to avoid collisions. Heavily used vector functions were inlined to improve performance. Bumpy surfaces are more realistic. Timing inaccuracies have been fixed. A sound for riding kerbs has been added. The map view now has keys for zooming and panning. Several new tracks have been added: Yas Marnia, Monza with banked oval, Valencia, Singapore, Jerez, and the new Silverstone layout.

      •  14 Jun 2009 09:44

        Release Notes: The performance of robot cars was greatly improved. The "--demo" or "-d" option was added in case you want to ride along with a robot. Aerodynamic forces are now reduced when driving in another car's slipstream. The density of the air is reduced, resulting in decreased drag and downforce when a car is where another car has recently been. Compilation errors with GCC 4.3 have been fixed.

        •  21 Sep 2008 08:09

        Release Notes: Computer controlled cars were added. The control algorithm operates the steering, throttle, brakes, and transmission to make the car follow a calculated racing line. The car definitions provide some performance parameters for the control algorithm.

        •  22 Feb 2008 04:47

        Release Notes: Support for pit lanes is now provided. Collisions with the ends of the pit wall are detected. Bugs in the general handling of collisions have been fixed. Another bug that caused the wheels to stop spinning when they leave the ground was also fixed. One symptom of this problem was loss of control when hitting the kerbs in the F1 car.

        •  10 Jun 2007 19:01

          Release Notes: This version moves to SDL for graphics and input handling and OpenAL for audio. The user-visible changes are an optional full-screen mode and audio effects like doppler shift and distance attenuation. If you're using the code, please note that the locations of some files have changed. Also, the formats of some of the XML definition files have changed.

          •  04 May 2007 01:12

          Release Notes: This version has a few bugfixes and some progress on pit lanes. Silverstone, Imola, Albert Park, Interlagos, Laguna Seca, Bahrain, and Spa tracks have been updated. This release is a checkpoint before starting some maintenance of the design.

          •  30 Oct 2005 00:32

          Release Notes: Handling has been improved by changing the way that lateral and longitudinal forces are combined. Camber forces are now handled correctly. Cars can be set to shift to neutral instead of stalling. Engine torque curves may be specified by a set of control points. Preliminary support for pit lanes has been added. Skew calculations have been fixed and documented.

          •  01 Jul 2005 11:25

            Release Notes: Rendering of sharp turns can be improved by providing a "skew" parameter in the track definition file. Rear views are now rendered while panning. Cars are reloaded without losing textures or affecting frame rate. Multiple cameras can be specified in the track definition files. Definition files outside of the installation directories can be specified on the command line by giving full path names.


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