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Release Notes: This version introduces Valentina Reports, which let you design reports visually in the Valentina Studio Pro. You can now keep a project with reports on a remote Valentina Server, which now a report server as well as a DB server. You can access a local or remote project from any supported language to produce reports in formats such as PDF, picture, LaTeX, and HTML. Reports can also be printed or saved or shown in a browser. Dozens of improvements were made in the Valentina engine. Major improvements were made in SQL and stored procedures. Support for the iPhone was introduced.

Release Notes: VServer now correctly manages encrypted database files Problems with files larger than 4Gb were fixed. COMPLEX JOINS were improved. TRIGGERS now correctly work with values of the RecID field. The NOT(fldMethod) speed was improved by over 40 times. The tutorials were updated to show a fine error message if VSERVER is not found. RBDB was fixed to work under RB IDE GUI Tools. More than 30 issues were fixed or improved in Valentina Studio, including exporting of results in the SQL Editor, bookmarks for Valentina Server, and syntax highlights for the editors for triggers and stored procedures.

Release Notes: The speed of client-side cursors was improved by over 30 times. Server-side cursors without changes were added. About 20 more fixes and improvements were made in Valentina Studio. A GUI application is able to manage LOCAL and REMOTE Valentina databases.

Release Notes: SQL support for GET/SET/SHOW PROPERTIES of all Database Objects was improved and now includes SERVER. SQL commands were added to better serve the GUI tool Valentina Studio when it works with remote databases with over 100 tables. Support was added for GROUP BY WITH ROLLUP and the syntax of JOIN with filter predicates in the ON clause. New examples about Triggers, Events, and Link Refactoring were added to the Valentina ADK. Working with schema diagrams in Valentina Studio was improved. Now you can save them to files, search for a table on big diagrams, and print them.

Release Notes: Valentina Kernel has user-defined functions, improved exception handling for stored procedures, a last_recid() SQL function, and system-level variables such as @@lastErrorNumber and @@lastErrorMessage. In Valentina Studio, structure diagrams have been improved to be able handle hundreds of tables. Schema Editor now shows the list of triggers that belong to each table as well as the list of all triggers of the database. There are about 20 fixes for bugs reported by users.

Release Notes: SELECT queries can use SQL binding, which may make things about 20 times faster. STORED PROCEDURES can return the last cursor. STATISTIC features. SHOW STATUS [OF SERVER|DATABASE|TABLE|FIELD|LINK]. Valentina Studio introduces DIAGRAM EDITOR for visual management of database schema. The SQL editor has a list of favorite queries.

Release Notes: This release improves the Valentina database engine to work with Links for abstraction of Database Modeling. In particular, this build introduces new SQL and API methods to easily refactor links from one kind to another. BinaryLink has been optimized and is now able to outperform Foreign Key and even ObjectPtr up to six times on some operations.

Release Notes: About 20 issues were fixed, including problems with triggers and the NOW() function, the Valentina Server with the Class Style of coding, and SQL dump glitches.

Release Notes: In the ini file of VServer, the scheduler is now on by default. The functionality of FromFile/ToFile for VCOM has been fixed. A case issue with #include names of headers for Linux C++ ADK has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release implements views, triggers on insert/update/delete before/after for each row/statement, and triggers instead of stored procedures. The Valentina Server protocol was improved to work 3 to 15 times faster for small SELECT requests. Valentina Server now can perform hot backups and has an event scheduler. Valentina Studio has support for all new features in its GUI. Most Valentina products were ported to Linux: C++ ADK, REALbasic ADK, Revolution ADK, Valentina Server, and VPHP.


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