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V_Sim visualizes atomic structures such as crystals, grain boundaries, molecules, and so on It can work with files either in binary format or in plain text format. The rendering is done in pseudo-3D with colored spheres to represent the atoms. The user can interact through many functions to choose the view, the size of the atoms, their color, the background color, the type of fog, and more. Moreover, V_Sim allows you to export the view as images in GIF, PS, and other formats.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Apr 2010 09:23

    Release Notes: This is a bug correction version for the 3.5 branch. In particular, it corrects several mistakes when loading files in ASCII, CIF, or XYZ formats. It also corrects several warnings when using the color selector widget or related to the text output in the OpenGL area.

    •  03 Nov 2009 15:19

      Release Notes: This version includes several solid state physics capabilities like phonon visualisation, physical units, symmetries analysis with the ABINIT plug-in, or modifications of the basis set. Other minor improvements include a visualization of angles, a torus representation, several improvements in the ASCII and XYZ file formats to take into account boundary conditions, units, reduced coordinates, and more.

      •  03 Jun 2009 14:40

        Release Notes: This is a bug correction release. It solves many warnings and segfaults during interactive actions as detailed in the changelog. Another main correction makes the automatic reload work again (it was broken in all previous 3.4 series releases).

        •  06 Mar 2009 12:23

          Release Notes: Some "assertion fails" errors when loading new files were corrected. The behavior of the "all elements" selection in the element tab was made to work for atomic parameters in spin rendering. The tab character problem in ASCII files was corrected.

          •  16 Feb 2009 15:44

            Release Notes: The main improvements are in the colored map tab, with a PDF/SVG export capability and the possibility to view several maps at once. The rendering has also been improved with smooth edges. Some other modifications are related to text file formats with an exportation to XYZ and the possibility to use reduced coordinates in ASCII files.


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