Version 20111027 of V6 Thompson Shell Port

Release Notes: This release is dedicated to the memory of Dennis M. Ritchie (dmr). It fixes a mkconfig problem on older OpenBSD releases and a globbing problem caused by an unsigned integer overflow. It adds $# (as a synonym for $n) and $* parameters, and a new command aliasing feature that is similar to csh(1) aliasing in some respects. Style changes were made in all of the manual pages, and a new "Aliases (+)" subsection was added to osh.1. The included example osh dot files were updated.

Other releases

  •  11 Apr 2014 14:51

Release Notes: In Makefile, this release changes MOXARCH to OSXCFLAGS and OSXLDFLAGS to play better with MacPorts. In osh.1, it adds a missing (+) to version in Special commands. In osh.c, it enables '.' and 'source' special built-in command execution to succeed when the user invokes the shell as 'osh -c string'.

  •  05 Dec 2013 01:43

Release Notes: This release changes `LICENSE' to LICENSE in osh(1) and sh6(1) to match the other manual pages. It changes the `sigign' invocation in examples/FILEPREP to `trap'. Also, it adds four new aliases to examples/dot.oshrc.

  •  08 Apr 2013 22:19

Release Notes: This release removes the deprecated $n and $s parameters from osh. It adds filenames and line numbers to diagnostic error messages when possible. Also, it renames the 'sigign' special built-in command to 'trap'. Lastly, it updates the documentation and examples as needed.

  •  15 Jun 2012 12:26

Release Notes: This release adds a missing "commandline overflow" diagnostic to osh and sh6, adds a $# parameter (as a synonym for $n) and $? (as synonym for $s), deprecating $n and $s, adds simple shell variables, allowing the user to "set" and "unset" them, changes quoting to allow $ substitution within double (") quotes, adds "." as a synonym for "source" and enables a PATH search when opening the file for each, changes "setenv" to require a value argument, adds new operators to the built-in "if" for osh and the external "if" for sh6, and adds the new operators <, >, -eq, -ne, -gt, -ge, -lt, and -le.

  •  03 Jan 2012 21:42

Release Notes: This release changes the osh exit status for alias and unalias so that they exit with a false (1) status when there are no aliases to print, set, or unset. Otherwise, they exit with a true (0) status when there is no error. It adds 'version' as an osh special built-in command, replacing the previous 'version' alias found in examples/dot.oshrc. It changes the _XOPEN_SOURCE definition from 600 to 600L in mkconfig. It also adds DEBUG_ALIAS, DEBUG_GLOB, and DEBUG_PROC definitions (undefined by default) to err.h for printf debugging.


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