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uxdstools is a set of Unix directory service tools. It is a suite of command tools to administer POSIX user and group accounts in an LDAP directory. It is similar in spirit to the useradd/mod/del tools found on Linux and Solaris, the pw tools on BSD, the mk|ch|rmuser/group tools on AIX, etc. However, instead of manipulating local accounts, uxdstools manages POSIX-type accounts that can be found in LDAP directory services installations, namely those with posixAccount and posixGroup attributes.


Recent releases

  •  06 Apr 2011 18:43

    Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. The (autotools) build system has been reorganized to correctly factor in configured compile-time options. The argument parsing code has been refactored.

    •  26 Nov 2010 06:16

      Release Notes: The code was refactored by splitting functions out for better readability. More intelligent handling of data returned from OpenLDAP API functions is done. Data structures were consolidated to improve sanity.

      •  01 Nov 2010 17:24

        Release Notes: Major re-factoring of add/mod functions. Multiple ugly char* arrays have been replaced by arrays of uxds_acct_t types in uxds_acct_add()/mod() and uxds_sudo_add(). Many of the instances of center() have been replaced by snprintf()s to better contain memory usage. Reorganization of code for better maintainability/readability.

        •  23 Oct 2010 04:40

          Release Notes: The code was refactored. get_next_pxid() and return_uidnum() were added to eliminate redundant code. Symbols were renamed.

          •  17 Oct 2010 06:08

            Release Notes: Refactoring has begun on the code, as it is pretty spaghetti-like.


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