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29 Mar 2004 15:35 spiritlover

Great software!
Finally I found one that does what it's supposed to!

I spent an hour downloading and trying other software that was supposed to deal with yenc stuff, none of them worked right or was properly documented so I could make it work.

This one is so intuitive it doesn't NEED docs! Yay!

Thank you thank you!!

10 Mar 2004 02:48 hte

Excellent utility !!
Was waiting for an crucial patch in my email - when it came I noticed that attachment was mac-binhex'ed ..argh!

Did a quick google, found uudeview, downloaded, compiled, installed and ran it on the mystical attachment.
UUdeview scanned the attachment, detected the encoding and decoded it - all this in 10 minutes :-)
Thanks for this great util!

15 Jun 2002 22:15 fwebster

uudeview is good utility for news
uudeview is good utility for processing multipart
encoded graphics, zips, and other binaries.

22 Nov 1999 18:41 tenebraen

Easily configured, compiled, and installed under Solaris v2.6,
 using GNU development tools (gcc, etc.);
 manpage documentation clear and complete;
 base64 decoding worked as advertised, successfully decoded files where other utilities failed;


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