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uudeview is a smart multi-file multi-part encoder and decoder for uuencoded, xxencoded, Base64, quoted-printable, yEnc, and BinHex encoded files.


Recent releases

  •  09 Aug 2002 09:59

    Release Notes: This release fixes yEnc files in UUInfoFile, adds CRC generation and checks for yEnc, accepts yEnc files where the tab character is not escaped, and contains improved error checking for yEnc files.

    •  26 Mar 2002 11:16

      Release Notes: Support for yEnc encoding was added, as were bugfixes.

      Recent comments

      29 Mar 2004 15:35 spiritlover

      Great software!
      Finally I found one that does what it's supposed to!

      I spent an hour downloading and trying other software that was supposed to deal with yenc stuff, none of them worked right or was properly documented so I could make it work.

      This one is so intuitive it doesn't NEED docs! Yay!

      Thank you thank you!!

      10 Mar 2004 02:48 hte

      Excellent utility !!
      Was waiting for an crucial patch in my email - when it came I noticed that attachment was mac-binhex'ed ..argh!

      Did a quick google, found uudeview, downloaded, compiled, installed and ran it on the mystical attachment.
      UUdeview scanned the attachment, detected the encoding and decoded it - all this in 10 minutes :-)
      Thanks for this great util!

      15 Jun 2002 22:15 fwebster

      uudeview is good utility for news
      uudeview is good utility for processing multipart
      encoded graphics, zips, and other binaries.

      22 Nov 1999 18:41 tenebraen

      Easily configured, compiled, and installed under Solaris v2.6,
       using GNU development tools (gcc, etc.);
       manpage documentation clear and complete;
       base64 decoding worked as advertised, successfully decoded files where other utilities failed;


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