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Universal Toolkit

Utk (Universal Toolkit) is a system written for Perl which is designed to provide transparency between desktop environments. A program written using Utk could run in GNOME, KDE (pending Qt bindings), and HTML without having to know about the difference.


Recent releases

  •  18 Aug 2000 19:20

    Release Notes: A few major and several obscure bugfixes.

    •  15 Aug 2000 01:41

      Release Notes: This version fixes a formatting bug which messed up fonts, and adds the Utk::Combo widget, which is just like a List except it's a dropdown box.

      •  05 Aug 2000 00:42

        Release Notes: Updates to the HTML Label widget so it shows newlines correctly, and a new size property to the List widget (HTML) to help make GTK and HTML look more consistent with each other.

        •  01 Aug 2000 08:38

          Release Notes: This is an alpha version. The API is subject to change and expansion. Currently, the web interface is a bit kludgy and there is no security on it whatsoever.


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