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Version 2.13-pre5 of util-linux

Release Notes: This release updates to cramfs-1.1 and removes PAGE_CACHE_SIZE usage for {fsck,mkfs}.cramfs, fixes "umount -n -r", adds miscellaneous build system and code cleanups and fixes, and updates the ca translation.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: The cryptoloop support in the commands mount and losetup was removed. The commands chkdupexe and arch were removed. The commands nsenter and blkdiscard were added. Many enhancements and several bugfixes were made for existing commands.

    •  16 Dec 2012 18:38

    Release Notes: Various minor bugs were fixed.

    •  05 Sep 2012 21:33

    Release Notes: "su" was merged from coreutils, "sulogin" and "utmpdump" were merged from sysvinit, and "eject" was merged from inactive upstream. "lslocks" was added as a new implementation to replace the unmaintained "lslk". "wdctl" was added for monitoring hardware watchdog status. Many new features and command line flags were added. Several features were deprecated.

    •  20 Aug 2012 21:58

    Release Notes: Many enhancements and bug fixes were made. Several tools were added and several removed.

    •  05 Mar 2006 19:04

      Release Notes: mount defaults to CIFS instead of SMBFS for sources starting with //. There are flock documentation updates. There is a new translation (id) and updated translations (de, it, sl, and uk).


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