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utftpd is a tftpd replacement. Its features include a fine grained access control, giving you the possibility to assign the right to access a file or directory for every single client. It also supports version control (useful for your router configuration files).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 May 2000 17:32

    Release Notes: Previous versions didn't delete SCCS lock files in case of a failed put request. Trailing garbage bytes in requests are now ignored for compatibility with broken equipment.

    •  22 Aug 1999 21:45

      Release Notes: Changed timeout handling, files not received completely will be deleted, handle delayed ACKs correctly.

      •  26 May 1999 15:46

        Release Notes: Changed configuration file format to be more nice. It still understands the old one, except that the \ at the end of the line doesn't work anymore.

        •  04 May 1999 15:11

          Release Notes: Added RCS support and improved compatibility. Version 0.2.0 is compatible with the commandline usage of the Linux and GNU inetutils tftpd and may be used instead of it, without the need for a configuration file, though that is still needed for the advanced features.

          •  06 Apr 1999 02:48

            Release Notes: Test suite added, documentation and bug fixes, simple client added, and implemented blocksize and timeout options.


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