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21 Dec 2001 17:08 cb3rob

patches 2.4

the 2.4.5 "beta" patch has a different file format in /proc adding a field for the dest/source ip, it also seems to have some other differences from the /proc mechanism used in 2.2.x patches.

therefore its not compatible with the ipacctd supplied, and the ipacctd.c needs modifications (modify'ing the sscanf line to only account the '*' field seems to do the trick, however then it will still only account, not reset data or block users).

we also would like to see an option to compile without mysql support as its bloatware for most applications.

as this is a rather important kernel modification to most if not all linux running shellproviders ( I could imagine some other applications as well ) we would like to be informed on its maintance status as not much seem to have been done after linux 2.4.5 ;)
(which is getting a bit old and unlikely to be used by shellproviders because of security issues, apart from the many bugs in the patch itself.)

we could take over the project if needed...

01 Sep 2000 14:07 xercist

bsd equiv?
Does anyone know of a package just like this that will work on FreeBSD 4.1?


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