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Userful Desktop is a locked-down and secure desktop Linux distribution designed for schools, libraries, kiosks, Internet cafes, digital signage, and public access computers. Customization and control is all done through the cloud: a simple and intuitive administration Web site. The "Userful MultiSeat" desktop virtualization software that supports Ethernet and USB connected zero clients is also included. Desktop settings can be managed for thousands of desktops at once via session profiles, which are created and stored in the cloud. Key features include time management, print cost recovery, Internet filtering, privacy protection, automated clean-up, remote desktop monitoring and control, prepaid cards, and automatic updates. It replaces both DiscoverStation and Desktop Server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2012 23:30

    Release Notes: This release marks a complete rebuild of Userful Desktop based on a newer version of the upstream Linux distribution. It includes: Userful MultiSeat 4.1, Firefox 7, LibreOffice 3.4, Google Chrome 16, Adobe Reader 9.4.6, and Flash plugin 11.

    •  29 Apr 2010 21:30

      Release Notes: This release includes a number of stability and performance improvements to Userful Desktop system level services. It includes improved security features and improved speed and functionality of Remote Monitoring & Control™ (formerly DiscoverAssist™). Firefox 3.5 is now included. 3 is now available as an optional addition.

      •  21 Sep 2009 21:16

        Release Notes: This release has dozens of improvements, including numerous stability improvements, more consistent behavior in the user interface, more reliable print services, security/privacy improvements, an upgrade to Adobe Flash 10, improved video drivers and handling of drivers, more reliable support for USB storage devices, improved troubleshooting tools, and improved support for various languages.

        •  13 Aug 2008 05:22

          Release Notes: Hotmail no longer throws up "upgrade" error. Epiphany's language settings are now based on session settings. Translation strings have been updated. Print button configuration in Firefox has been fixed. The "block Flash" feature in Firefox has been fixed. The "Please press ctrl-alt-backspace" message that often appears because the greeter takes too long to start is now hidden. Several start-up errors have been fixed.

          •  10 Aug 2008 06:35

            Release Notes: Hotmail no longer throws up an "upgrade" error. TuxPaint is now an extra package (which is installed by default). DiscoverPrint is now called Userful-Desktop-Printing, and the GUI console now allows you to refresh when there are no print jobs. A calendar template was added to the list of templates in OpenOffice. Epiphany's language settings are now based on session settings. The translation strings were updated. A print button configuration in Firefox was fixed. The "block Flash" feature in Firefox was fixed.


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