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Release Notes: The kernel was updated to 2.4.12. Physical memory is now fully protected from processes. A crash in the console code was fixed. CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB is now configurable. uml_router has been renamed to uml_switch, and can optionally act as a hub. Various other bugs were fixed.

  •  26 Sep 2001 07:15

Release Notes: TUN/TAP networking support added. It loads itself into the top of the address space, leaving everything lower to its processes and allowing it to have more than 256M of physical memory. uml_net now does complete setup of TUN/TAP interfaces. Enhancements to mconsole client added. ubd COW header has room for MAXPATHLEN-sized filenames, contains absolute paths only, and is in network byte order. ubd driver has improved IO error handling better, and should be 64-bit clean. Process segfaults seen on a swapping system are gone.

Release Notes: This release was updated to version 2.4.9 of the kernel. Some signal handling fixes were made. Protection of kernel memory from userspace was started.

Release Notes: Updated to 2.4.8, made a number of hostfs fixes, and a number of networking fixes. gprof support also fixed.

Release Notes: This release updates to 2.4.7, a UML .deb is now availbale, the block driver now supports a read/write COW layer above a shared read-only filesystem, I/O memory emulation was added, block devices and network interfaces are now pluggable, and various bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. The network helper is more helpful, especially for ethertap. hostfs now supports device nodes. 64-bit IO is now supported by the ubd driver and hostfs. There is now a management console, which is a SysRq-like, low-level interface into the kernel.

Release Notes: An update to Linux 2.4.5, completely redone network drivers, and various bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release has been updated for kernel 2.4.4 and includes many bugfixes and changes including a fix for the swap bug in 2.4.3, gcov and gprog support, the ability for UML to boot from initrd images, and the ability to attach external debuggers and debuggers other than gdb.

Release Notes: A kernel update to 2.4.3, new --help and --version options, fixes for several major crashes and numerous smaller bugs, hostfs bugfixes and cleanup (including the ability to boot from hostfs), and an implementation of modify_ldt.

Release Notes: An update for 2.4.2, fixes for several crashes and a number of smaller bugs, block I/O can optionally be done synchronously, and working files are created in /tmp.


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