Version 20050704 of USAGI Project

Release Notes: The documentation was updated. Updates were made for using ALLMULTI mode on some USB network devices for multcast traffic. Configuration options were cleaned up. A race condition which occurred when trying to use and free a data structure at the same time was fixed. Double entries of temporary addresses were fixed. The patches were updated to work with 2.6.12. Other minor fixes were made.

Other releases

  •  10 May 2006 00:24

Release Notes: Unused code was removed. Minor bugfixes were made. Some of the additional utilities were reorganized.

Release Notes: Marked Router Solicitation/Advertisement, Neighbor, Solicitation/Advertisement, and Redirect ICMPv6 messages as "known". Support was added for a mix of mobile and fixed IPv6 nodes on the network. The environment was updated to Linux 2.6.16.

Release Notes: Ported to Linux 2.6.15. RFC3542 socket options are used if available.

  •  23 Dec 2005 23:29

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and the removal of redundant code.

Release Notes: Updated to Linux 2.6.14. Many minor bugfixes.


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A decompressor for lzip files.


Project Spotlight

Berkeley Yacc

A high-quality yacc variant.