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Urd is a Web-based Usenet binary download manager. It stores the newsgroup information in a MySQL database and aggregates the articles into sets of a single download (e.g. one album or movie). The Web interface can be used to search with regular expressions. It uses its own downloading daemon that has support for scheduling downloads and updating databases. URD can also download directly from NZB files and even create NZB files. Further features include custom scripts, multiple languages, a template based Web interface, support for multiple servers, automatic par2 and unrar support, and an intuitive user interface.

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  •  24 Dec 2013 14:37

Release Notes: This release adds a fix for Debian package dependencies.

  •  22 Dec 2013 22:47

Release Notes: This is mostly a bugfix release, but there are a few shiny new features as well. It has a search bar and download basket fixed at the top. User-defined settings have been added to preferences. An option has been added to run downloads across multiple servers.

  •  12 Sep 2013 03:27

Release Notes: There is quite a substantial changelog this time including a couple of usability improvements, style updates, bugfixes, and a few new features. Browse pages add more data when scrolling to the end of the page. The way previews are shown in the user interface has been updated. par2 (correcting incomplete downloads) now also works when the archive files have been renamed. Usenet server passwords are stored encrypted in the database. The preferences and configuration pages have been AJAXified. Preferences will now be automatically saved after editing.

  •  29 Jun 2013 05:17

Release Notes: Initial Usenet configuration was added to the installer. Inline images were enabled for spots to be shown. Spot statistics are now available per spot subcategory. Text files and images are displayed in a popup. yydecode was replaced with a native implementation.

  •  03 Mar 2013 19:10

Release Notes: There are a couple of bugfixes this time, albeit mostly minor issues but not in the least some bright new features and improvements. The default stylesheet is now "Light". There is a new, smaller download basket, whitelists for spots, and a large set filter.

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