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Urbi is a robotics software platform. It includes a C++/Java middleware API called UObject to interface components such as motors, cameras, and algorithms, and an innovative scripting language, urbiscript, with built-in support for parallel and event-based programming, used to write high-level behaviors and orchestrate the interactions between components. UObject components are built as shared libraries exposed as native objects within urbiscript, and either hot-plugged in a running Urbi engine, or started as a remote autonomous process communicating with the engine via the network. At any time, new urbiscript code can be sent to a running Urbi engine via a simple telnet, to introspect the state of components, modify existing code, or add new behaviors. Urbi is cross-platform and supports several robots (Gostai Jazz, Lego Mindstorms, Aldebaran Nao, Segway RMP, Spykee, Bioloid, etc.) and a simulator (Webots).

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Nov 2011 23:19

Release Notes: Even more bug and documentation fixes. Boost and ROS have been upgraded. Initial support for pkg-config.

  •  21 Oct 2011 21:10

Release Notes: This release includes several performance improvements and bugfixes in both the UObject layer, and the urbiscript engine. The Logger object allows saving of log information (such as errors, warnings, or traces). Support for profiling urbiscript code (including code running in the background such as "at" clauses). A new construct, "watch", creates an event that allows monitoring any change of an expression.

  •  28 Jun 2010 13:21

    Release Notes: A Container class was added, from which which Dictionary and List are derived. "e not in c" is mapped onto "c.hasNot(e)" instead of "!c.has(e)". New features include Float.limits, JobasString, IoService, Event’¡¡’, ListargMax, ListargMin, Listzip, Tuple’+’, and Tuple’*’. Assertion failures are now more legible.

    Release Notes: Source packages and RPM and deb files are available. gcc 3.3 is supported through specific packages. File layout was improved for Windows packages. Many bugs were fixed.


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