Version 1.7 of upstart

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to run with PID >1 to allow Upstart to manage a user session. Running Upstart as a 'Session Init' in this way provides features above and beyond those provided by the original User Jobs, such that the User Job facility has been removed entirely. To migrate from a system using User Jobs, simply ensure the user session is started with 'init --user'. There is a new upstart-event-bridge bridge that proxies system-level events down to Session Inits, allowing user jobs to react to udev events.

    Other releases

    •  11 Mar 2014 23:11

      Release Notes: Fixes re-exec breakage caused by incorrect D-Bus API usage. Tests have been updated to catch this issue.

      •  07 Mar 2014 23:32

        Release Notes: Stops Upstart from indirectly stealing console ownership. Fixes a bug that could result in incorrect output from initctl(8) environment commands. Fixes incorrect variable usage that could result in a crash. Fixes a stateful re-exec issue triggered by invalid jobs. A stateful re-exec fix to serialize the D-Bus session bus. init-checkconf(8) now uses a Session Init and can also be run as root. upstart-socket-bridge(8) now supports IPv6. Allows telinit(8) to work on systems with no D-Bus system bus.

        •  21 Nov 2013 03:17

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  23 Aug 2013 21:52

            Release Notes: New bridges: upstart-local-bridge and upstart-dconf-bridge. A new "reload signal" stanza to allow jobs to specify a custom signal that will be sent to the main process (rather than the default SIGHUP). Inclusion of Session Init sample jobs. Re-exec fixes for handling chroot sessions. A shutdown fix for Session Inits. A new Python 3 module and accompanying integration test suite for testing Upstart running as PID 1 and as a Session Init (privileged and non-privileged).

            •  04 Jul 2013 22:02

              Release Notes: This release fixes a respawn behavior regression (introduced in version 1.8) affecting jobs which also specify shell meta-characters in the exec stanza (LP: #1181789), fixes a common bug which could cause a bridge to crash (LP: #1197225), adds various fixes for libupstart, and adds layout improvements for initctl2dot.


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