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  •  22 Oct 2012 21:34

Release Notes: The focus of this release is server programming. The main new feature is "Skylark", a lean and mean U++ based Web development framework.

  •  28 Nov 2011 23:21

    Release Notes: New "Rainbow" technology decouples the U++ GUI from the host platform. It is now possible to develop a new GUI implementation without changing the core U++ files. The "Framebuffer" package uses Rainbow to implement a GUI for a trivial RGBA framebuffer (with keyboard and mouse inputs). The command line utility "umk" (a GUI independent U++ package builder) has been added. The docking package was adopted to the main source tree. There are many other changes in TheIDE and libraries.

    •  18 Feb 2011 10:37

      Release Notes: Many improvements were made in the packages TheIDE, Core, Draw, Painter, plugin/gif, CtrlCore, CtrlLib, RichEdit, GridCtrl, Sql, and Web. In Bazaar, many packages have been added and improved: Scatter, DeEncrypter, CMeter, Protect, Tree, Dispatcher, Gen, SDLCtrl, PolyXML, PlotLib,PlotCtrl, SysInfo, Media, MediaPlayer, Functions4U, plugin/portaudio, Sound, SoundExample, AutoScroller, CtrlFinder, CtrlProp, LogPosCtrl, PointCtrl, PopUpC, RectCtrl, Styler, ValueCtrl, Docking , TabBar, SysExec, Protect, Updater, SysExecGui, OfficeAutomation, Dispatcher, Styler, Cypher, ProductVersion, Uniq, SplashSV, and HelpViewer.

      •  18 Oct 2010 07:51

        Release Notes: In the Core package, the Tuple2 through Tuple4 templates were added. The Peek and PutPtr methods were added to the Stream class. In the Vector and Array template classes, the interface was changed. The Replace method was added to String and WString. In the Draw package, plugin/GIF support was added for animated GIFs, and Raster and Raster encoder have new GetDPI and SetDPI methods. DPI information handling was fixed. The AttrText utility class has a new NormalInk method and supports conversion from Value. In the CtrlCore package, there is a new IsPainting method. Many changes and additions were made in CtrlLib, GridCtrl, Sql, XmlRpc, TheIDE, plugin/Box2D, and Bazaar.

        •  09 Jun 2010 11:53

          Release Notes: The update system in CtrlLib was parameterized. Handling of active file type in FileSel was improved. There is a new static method Ctrl::GetEventId to help identify individual GUI events, intended for use in caching schemes. PdfDraw got support for fill patterns. Splitter now has WhenSplitFinish. [W]String got a new variant of the ReverseFind method. TheIDE now has QTF designer. Bazaar changes were made in the packages SysInfo, Functions4U, Controls4U, MtAlt, Form, Scatter, Docking, ExpandFrame/ExpanderCtrl, and AESStream.

          •  04 May 2010 15:13

            Release Notes: Theide packages are now sorted by directory closeness to main package directory. Detach and PopDetach were added in ArrayIndex. In CtrlLib, ArrayCtrl WhenScroll and ColumnList AutoHideSb were added. FileSel list is automatically hidden. EditField ReadOnly Ctrl+C was fixed. DocEdit NoEofLine and RichEdit now support dropping Image files. In Sql, optional SqlSession errorhandler routing is now installable and the first SQL error is recorded (until ClearError) instead of the last. SqlCtrl SqlArray has new WhenFilter Gate (which is able to filter records being fetched). XmlRpcPerform was added in XmlRpc. A new IT-IT translation was added.

            •  16 Mar 2010 13:10

              Release Notes: In the IDE, sorting of package has been improved by placing project packages first. The Insert menu now has a typedef ... CLASSNAME entry. FileSel was improved by adding Places with common directories. XmlRpc has improved error handling. TabCtrl has new Find, Set, Remove, and Insert methods using references to slave instead of index. Xmlize now supports all Core Value types and supports Value serialization. XmlParser has new Peek methods. Socket has a new GetPeerAddr method. CParser now provides information about the current column. RichText and RichTextView now have a "ShrinkOversizedObjects" option.

              •  15 Feb 2010 16:55

                Release Notes: Support was added for Win32 .lnk files (GetSymLinkPath function, FindFile::IsSymLink method) using the same interface as for POSIX symlinks. ConvertDate has a new Truncate option (which truncates Time to Date); a corresponding StdConvertDateTruncate global Convert was added. The SliderCtrl widget has a new Jump method. The ArrayCtrl class has a new WhenMouseMove Callback. EditField has a new WhenEnter callback. TabCtrl has a new NoAccept option. In Draw, the search for missing glyphs (i18n issue) was optimized. In TheIDE, user interface for Find and Replace was significantly reworked and current line is now highlighted in the left bar.

                •  26 Jan 2010 13:49

                  Release Notes: TheIDE in Win32 now has improved installation with support for the latest Win32 SDK. The FileSel class got networking support in Win32. TheIDE helpsystem has improved searching capabilities. The build process now supports new link options. Posix releases now use the "gc-sections" linker option to dramatically reduce the size of resulting binaries (up to 40%). The painter image rescaling algorithm was improved for better downscaling. TrayIcon in X11 now supports notifications. TopWindow in X11 now supports SetAlphs. Core containers now have a new debugging utility to resolve pick semantic errors.

                  •  21 Dec 2009 21:29

                    Release Notes: In Core, the XmlRpc package adds support for XML-RPC based Web services and LanguageInfo has been completely refactored. The IDE autosetup now recognizes Win32 SDK 7.0. In Bazaar, the packages Functions4U and Controls4U have been added with functions and controls to complement main packages, and there are new versions of Google Translator and SysInfo.


                    Project Spotlight


                    A Web-based customer relationship management system.


                    Project Spotlight


                    A portable C implementation of the JBIG1 standard.