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@1 File Store PRO is a file archive and member access system with multi-level folders. Users are placed into different groups. Different groups have different access permission to different folders. It features file zipping, file moving, file copying, and either automatic or manual approval of new signups. The "Pending" view shows all the files uploaded by users and awaiting approval from admins or sub-admins. Users can be granted or denied the ability to delete their own files. You may keep multiple files of the same file name in the same folder without renaming and without overwriting the old files.

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08 Jul 2006 02:31 updn

Re: Obfuscated code
In version 2.0, only one file is obfuscated. This file has only a few lines of codes which contain also the license info. The codes do not involve formating or styling of the program. You do not need to touch this file if you want to customize the script or modify the launguage.

28 May 2006 04:19 gordonjcp

Obfuscated code
This looked like a good basis for a project I have in mind, and works reasonably well when you get it going. Sadly you can forget about looking under the bonnet. There is no way to modify it or get any inkling as to how it works. I appreciate that they are offering a more advanced commercial version, but it would be nice if the free version was open-source.


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