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  •  30 Oct 2012 15:53

Release Notes: Adds support for syncing to Dropbox.

  •  26 Aug 2012 14:47

Release Notes: This release adds support for all API levels up to and including 16.

  •  15 Oct 2010 21:30

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of problems that were causing crashes. It will delete the temp db file created during a sync operation.

  •  09 Aug 2010 22:37

Release Notes: Long-clicking on an account now brings up a context menu allowing you to copy the username, copy the password, launch a URL, and edit the account. The ability to trust self-signed certificates and certificates that have a different Common Name from the Web site hostname. The font size of the Account Details activity has been increased. A bug in the main Account Details activity has been fixed; it now recovers gracefully when the database is closed unexpectedly.

  •  31 Mar 2010 13:20

Release Notes: The Shared Database feature was implemented as it exists in the desktop version of UPM. The Delete Database feature was added. Lots of little bugfixes and improvements were made throughout the codebase.

  •  29 Jan 2010 09:03

Release Notes: UPM is now available on Android. The APK can be downloaded from the Android Market or the SourceForge download area. UPM for Android is fully compatible with the password database used by the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux versions.


Project Spotlight


A weather logging application.


Project Spotlight


A tool that shows histograms of used byte-values in files.