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Release Notes: This version adds support for Unity 6 (Ubuntu 12.10), fixes some bugs, and adds Brazilian Portuguese and Slovak translations.

Release Notes: This release adds tooltips to all options, fixes bugs, adds new options and translations, and works on Ubuntu 12.10.

  •  21 Apr 2012 07:42

Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed, including some crashes. A MIME type was added for .unsettings files, which are opened with Unsettings. Theme handling was improved and some new options were added.

  •  20 Mar 2012 21:42

Release Notes: Fixes a crash when setting default values. Fixes an incorrect file name mask when opening files. Adds Chinese, Finnish, Polish, and Spanish translations.

  •  08 Mar 2012 23:28

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where long theme names or descriptions caused huge window size.

  •  08 Mar 2012 05:12

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash when trying to quit with unsaved changes.

  •  08 Mar 2012 01:07

Release Notes: This release adds support for Unity 5 (Ubuntu 12.04), a theme switcher, and switches for the global menu and the overlay scrollbars.


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