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Version 3.2-beta10 of UnrealIRCd

Release Notes: Fixes for problems with the ping loop, multiple scan modules bugs, minor documentation fixes, and various fixes.

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Release Notes: Two major bugs were discovered in 3.2.10/ which have been resolved in this version. The first bug is a remote crash issue if SSL support is enabled (NULL pointer dereference), and the second issue can also potentially lead to a crash (read-after-free). In addition to this, there have also been some other fixes in the areas of server linking and flood hardening. All 3.2.10 and users should upgrade in the next few weeks, especially if you have SSL/TLS support enabled.

Release Notes: This release contains quite a number of new features, and a couple of minor bugs have been fixed. The socket engine has been improved. CAP and SASL support have been added, as well as away and account notification for clients that support it. The server now has server-side MLOCK support, a new oper mode to hide idle time, a method to authenticate against the SHA256 fingerprint of SSL certificates, and more.

Release Notes: This release comes with 212 changes, more than all previous three releases combined. Along with the usual number of bugfixes, there are numerous new features, including the new extban types ~j and ~R, stacked extbans, and extended invex support. STARTTLS support has been added, and both server linking and remote includes have been improved to be more robust. There have also been some behavior changes, such as with channel mode +z/+Z.

  •  28 Apr 2009 17:26

    Release Notes: A security issue was found (ircd crash) if allow::options::noident is used. There's no need to upgrade if you are not using this feature.

    •  04 Mar 2009 15:14

    Release Notes: This release fixes some major bugs and adds some important workarounds such as slow spamfilter detection (and removal), detection of time shifts, and improved Mac OS X support. Several minor bugs were also fixed, such as in CGI:IRC, IPv6, CHROOTDIR, and more. The new features include WATCH away notification and UHNAMES support.


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