Version 1.6 of unpkg

Other releases

  •  16 Jan 2009 23:22

    Release Notes: Unpkg has been entirely rewritten in Python. It now works with multiple packages at once, and extracts 10.5-style packages (as well as nested ones, and in 10.4 as well). Unpkg has also been upgraded to a WebKit-based interface, over the old CocoaDialog one.

    •  09 Aug 2006 04:09

    Release Notes: This release incorporates fixes for possible security holes and makes explicit the fact that the project is released under the GNU GPL.

    •  24 Jun 2006 04:00

    Release Notes: unpkg is now a Universal Binary. It sports a highly-revised backend and a completely new interface, with Cocoa dialogs, progress bars, file choosers, and error messages instead of the old text console output.

    •  27 Jun 2005 11:10

    Release Notes: This release is compatible with Mac OS 10.4.

    •  21 Jun 2005 15:05

    No changes have been submitted for this release.


    Project Spotlight


    A Java library for accessing USB devices.


    Project Spotlight


    An object oriented approach to reading and writing XML.