Version 0.1 of Universal Office Converter

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Release Notes: This release adds stability improvements using LibreOffice/OpenOffice, improvements to Mac OS X, Windows, and FreeBSD support (works out-of-the-box), a fix to the "encoded text" filter, changes and improvements to the export and import filter options (-e/-i), and various other improvements and documentation updates.

Release Notes: This release improves Windows, Mac OS X, OpenBSD, and Gentoo support, has been completely rewritten to support parallel LibreOffice/OpenOffice installations, uses the UNO_PATH environment variable to select the installation, and includes various small fixes and improvements.

Release Notes: Improved Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows support for OpenOffice 3. An updated filter list for OpenOffice 3. Unified Office Format support. The option -o/--outputpath to outputh converted files to a different path. Improved exit codes. A -T/--timeout option so that unoconv doesn't give up after one connection failure. Update links and indexes when converting. The option -t/--template to apply style templates during conversion (useful for providing documents with a forced corporate identity). Many other stability and functionality improvements.

  •  01 Sep 2007 14:16

Release Notes: The doctype is automatically selected. Listener and Convertor were implemented as separate classes. Mac OS X NeoOfice and OpenSUSE 10 path support was added. OpenOffice listener is started and stopped automatically if necessary. OpenOffice listener can now be started independently. An unoconv manual page was added.

  •  20 May 2007 08:52

Release Notes: This release adds support for graphics, presentation, and spreadsheet document types (+-100 exported formats are supported). Better detection of OpenOffice Python bindings. Better error output. Matching by extension if the backend does not match the name. Verbose output has been added.


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