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UNIXem is a small and simple library that provides emulation of several popular Unix API functions on the Win32 platform. Its primary purpose is to assist Win32 programmers who are porting to Unix or are writing multi-platform code. API functions include opendir/readdir/closedir, glob/globfree, readv/writev, pathconf/realpath, mmap/munmap/msync, dlopen/dlclose/dlsym/dlerror, gettimeofday, and getpagesize.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Aug 2010 23:48

    Release Notes: This version is a substantial reworking of how emulated Unix functions are represented. The functions are now coded as unixem_-prefixed forms, and declared in unixem/xxxx.h headers. For example, the readdir() function is now unixem_readdir() and declared in unixem/dirent.h. Users may optionally obtain the Unix-named versions of the functions by including the original headers (e.g. dirent.h), which resolve the emulated Unix function name (e.g. readdir()) to the real function name (e.g. unixem_readdir()) via a macro. The version also contains minor 64-bit compatibility fixes.

    •  12 Aug 2010 23:44

      Release Notes: This version changes gettimeofday() to now return int instead of void, and adds VC++ 10 implicit-link support.

      •  13 May 2008 10:43

        Release Notes: This version updates the library to support the Win64 platform.

        •  20 Apr 2008 07:42

          Release Notes: Makefiles were provided for VC++ 8 and 9. Implicit linking files were added for Borland 5.82 and VC++ 9.

          •  12 Mar 2007 07:43

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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