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Release Notes: Units now reads custom definitions from ~/.units.dat. The precedence of "*" has changed to match the usual algebraic precedence, and the "**" operator was added for exponents. A text search feature was added so that typing "search text" lists the units whose names contain "text".

  •  16 Nov 2006 04:25

Release Notes: A bus error on Intel Mac was fixed. Minor changes that allow the program to be compiled as a library and linked to other programs were made. Two new command line arguments for control of the output format were added.

Release Notes: The '-' character has been changed into a subtraction operator. (The old behavior is still available with an option.) The handling of radian and steradian has been changed so that these units are conformable to 1. It is now possible to include files from units.dat, and multiple units files can be specified on the command line. The units database has been updated. (The frequently reported erroneous definition of the astronomical unit has been fixed.)

Release Notes: With this version, support for locales was added and some bugs were fixed.


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