Version 1.350 of unifdef

Release Notes: The release build has been polished.

    Other releases

    •  07 Jan 2014 22:11

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the -f option's support for #undef directives and improves portability to Windows.

      •  07 Jun 2013 23:51

        Release Notes: The unifdef utility now supports simple cases in which macros expand to macros rather than directly to numbers, so it can use unaltered #defines from system headers more effectively. This release includes portability fixes for Windows.

        •  06 May 2013 21:51

          Release Notes: The unifdef utility can now read #define and #undef preprocessor directives from auxiliary header-like files given with the -f command line option. You can use -f instead of or in addition to the -D and -U options.

          •  28 Mar 2013 20:57

            Release Notes: This release can process multiple files with one invocation, and will include filenames on #line directives when appropriate. There is experimental support for Windows, including build instructions for MinGW and Microsoft Visual C. Feedback from Windows developers is welcome.

            •  22 Feb 2011 22:25

              Release Notes: This release fixes the implementation of the -n option (insert #line directives) to work with the -o option (alternate output file). It greatly improves write error handling.


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