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Unattended fully automates the installation of Windows 2000 and XP workstations. It is roughly an open source equivalent to RIS, but without the need for Windows servers. It allows you to install your OS, hotfixes, and applications all at once, after booting the installer from floppy, CD-ROM, or the network itself.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jun 2011 18:27

    Release Notes: Linux kernel Windows XP SP3 Security updates up to January 2011. Linux boot programs upgraded to the latest stable versions. Auto-detection of drivers.

    •  29 Apr 2009 12:09

      Release Notes: Linux kernel is used, which enables more network drivers. cifs is now used instead of smbfs. ntinstall5 is available as an alternate installation process instead of a DOS emulator. Windows XP SP3 is included. The IE7 and Office Compatibility Pack were added. Several programs were updated to the latest stable version. Windows XP SP3 Security updates up to March 2009 were applied. The Linux boot build process was tested on other Linux distributions. Support was added for Postgres as well as MySQL for configurations. "make download" is now cached.

      •  08 Mar 2004 08:16

        Release Notes: This release features two completely reworked boot disks. The traditional boot disk is now based on FreeDOS, thanks to recent improvements in that project. There is also a new experimental boot disk that uses a custom diskless Linux system based on the 2.6.3 kernel, making it possible to install Windows using nothing but free software (except for Windows itself).

        •  23 Oct 2002 14:06

          Release Notes: This version features a complete rewrite of the master script in Perl, allowing vastly more flexible local customization. The new Perl installation script, which runs from DOS, includes a full parser/generator for unattend.txt files. With the new script comes a completely rewritten set of instructions for OS installation.

          •  30 Sep 2002 20:27

            Release Notes: This release features even better error checking, better support for Windows XP, better separation between generic scripts and site-specific configuration, and more examples.


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