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unace is a utility to extract, view, and test the contents of an ACE archive.


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    28 Mar 2011 17:57 xevilstar

    UnAce is vulnerable to several buffer overflow and directory traversal attacks.

    2. Impact Information


    UnAce is an utility to extract, view and test the contents of an ACE archive.


    Ulf Harnhammar discovered that UnAce suffers from buffer overflows when testing, unpacking or listing specially crafted ACE archives (CAN-2005-0160). He also found out that UnAce is vulnerable to directory traversal attacks, if an archive contains "./.." sequences or absolute filenames (CAN-2005-0161).


    An attacker could exploit the buffer overflows to execute malicious code or the directory traversals to overwrite arbitrary files.

    12 Dec 2005 19:11 itnet7

    Unace command revisited.
    itnet7@ubuntu-breezyws:~$ unace --version

    UNACE v1.2 public version

    Usage: UNACE <command> [<switches>] <archive[.ace]>

    Where <command> is one of:

    e Extract files

    l List archive

    t Test archive integrity

    v List archive (verbose)

    x Extract files with full path

    And <switches> is zero or more of:

    -y Assume 'yes' on all questions, never ask for input

    I downloaded a set of files that included the following:



    A-AMSW.002 and so on....

    I ran the following and it extracted all of the archived files into my working directory:

    unace x -y A-AMSW.ACE

    Hope this helps more!



    29 Oct 2005 22:57 itnet7

    unace command
    I was just successful using the unace command. I was looking all over the web for an example of what someone had used, but came up short. Here is the command that I used verbatim:(beginning)
    unace x -y /home/nonrootusername/test/ (ending)
    This extracted two files to the test directory which was my working directory.

    Hope this helps someone!


    06 Feb 2005 11:09 insdol

    whats up with a binary only linux driver!?
    Give me 64 bit, solaris and more please!

    23 Nov 2003 06:17 slania

    try this:
    unance e foo


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