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Ultimate Stunts

Ultimate Stunts is a remake of the DOS game "stunts", providing modern features like OpenGL graphics, 3D sound, and Internet-based multiplayer games. Players can design their own tracks, choose opponents and try some spectacular stunts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Sep 2012 17:39

    Release Notes: This version mostly contains artwork changes: there are a large number of new cars, and the menu background has been updated. When it comes to functionality, there are some small bugfixes, but most importantly, there are several changes in how the Windows version installs itself, which will hopefully fix some issues of Ultimate Stunts on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    •  03 Feb 2011 18:56

      Release Notes: Car-car collisions have improved, the track editor has some new functions, sound on the OpenAL platform now works better (with optional libvorbisfile support), and OpenAL is now also used in the Windows version. A pause function was added, and configuring keys and joysticks has become easier.

      •  23 Jun 2008 13:07

        Release Notes: This version contains another major improvement in the track editor: the route information will now be automatically recalculated when you make changes to the track. This is an important step towards completeness of the track editor. Other changes are a more user-friendly settings editor and a different slip model, which should make the car handling a bit easier.

        •  29 Jan 2008 18:47

          Release Notes: This version has some graphical improvements, like a smoke effect on crashed cars, and improved environment/sky rendering. Collision sounds are now transmitted in network games and stored in replay files. Some new functionality has been added to the track editor, greatly improving its usefulness. Some effort has been made to make it easier to compile Ultimate Stunts on Mac OS X.

          •  16 Oct 2007 09:29

            Release Notes: The most important change in this release is that cars will now crash if they collide too fast with other objects. Some of the other changes are collision sound improvements, a new and fancy OpenGL mouse cursor, and the addition of a navigation compass to the track editor. The Linux (x86) binary packages are now based on OpenAL instead of FMOD (the Windows binaries will follow later).


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