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UltimateIRCd is an advanced IRCd hybrid aiming to improve the IRC experience for both users and admins alike. It has extended channel access levels (channel administrators and half operators), and user hiddenhosts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Feb 2007 23:46

    Release Notes: Several bugfixes related to compiling with gcc 4, as well as general bugfixes.

    •  11 Apr 2005 20:48

      Release Notes: This is a bugfix release to address global connect notices flooding during server synchronization, various compile bugs, and other bugs. A native Win32 port is supplied.

      •  11 Apr 2005 20:46

        Release Notes: This release addresses a crash bug in the Channel mode bounce code, as well as lowering the DNS and ident lookup timeouts.

        •  19 Mar 2005 10:58

          Release Notes: This version is a complete recode of the 2.8 branch based on bahamut 1.4. It is a more robust, clean, and scalable codebase that retains most of the important features.

          •  31 Jan 2005 10:54

            Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug introduced in RC2 aswell as two outstanding bugs.

            Recent comments

            09 May 2000 14:45 boff

            Great IRCd (again) :)
            What more can I say.. we like it! A compliment to the coders.. and all those involved :-)

            16 Jan 2000 17:38 weazel

            Great IRCd
            I've been a part of the VillageIRC for years now, and I am really amazed on what UltimateIRCd has done for the network. It's extremely easy to set up and configure, and it's a lot more stable than previous ircds we've had. Out of all of the IRCds I've tried, this is my favorite.

            02 Nov 1999 13:50 slushey

            great ircd, but would be better based on a differant base ircd
            Its a good ircd, good coding - one problem "LAG"!! If you made it on a differant base ircd (besides df) it could be better. Try Hybrid or another hybrid version :)


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