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uimaFIT provides Java annotations for describing UIMA components which can be used to directly describe the UIMA components in Java code without the need for traditional UIMA XML descriptors. This greatly simplifies refactoring a component definition (e.g., changing a configuration parameter name). uimaFIT also makes it easy to instantiate UIMA components without using XML descriptor files by providing convenient factory methods. This makes uimaFIT an ideal library for testing UIMA components because the component can be easily instantiated and invoked without requiring a descriptor file to be created first. uimaFIT is very useful in research environments in which programmatic/dynamic instantiation of UIMA pipelines can simplify experimentation. For example, when performing 10-fold cross-validation across a number of experimental conditions, it can be quite laborious to create a different set of descriptor files for each run, or even a script which generates such descriptor files. uimaFIT is type system agnostic and does not depend on (or provide) a specific type system. This project has been superseded by the Apache uimaFIT project.

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Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2012 15:15

    Release Notes: This release supports parameter types other than the basic ones supported by UIMA (String, int, float, boolean) and adds new selectAll and selectRelative methods.

    •  24 Mar 2012 22:01

      Release Notes: External resources can now be properly injected into other external resources. This might seem a simple change, but it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. SimplePipeline internally uses an AggregateAnalysisEngine instead of a simple "for" loop.

      •  22 Jan 2012 22:43

        Release Notes: This release adds external resources like configuration parameters, a convenient logging API, and a new selectBetween() method.

        •  21 Dec 2011 21:39

          Release Notes: uimaFIT now depends on UIMA 2.3.1. CasUtil and JCasUtil provide the same set of functions for Cas/JCas. This release supports custom Feature Structure indexes and improves support for External Resources.


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