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UICollection is a rich set of Java Swing widgets, solutions for common and not so common Swing projects, and a workflow using a graphics designer to merge all solutions into one project. The project contains font/color/file choosers, layout managers, a translation framework and action framework, plus many useful classes for general Swing programming, like a MainWindow. The unique one stop solution for all your Java client user interface needs with advanced widgets, proven design techiques, and excellent API documents.

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Recent releases

  •  04 Jun 2007 14:36

    Release Notes: The spinbox is no longer allowed to get higher than its textfields' preferred height. The GroupBox is repainted after calling setEnabled (which is needed to update the ghosted state). Double number values were made to work. UICCalender was made to work with Java 5 and 6.

    •  12 Jul 2005 13:37

      Release Notes: Various technologies were added to the feature set. Extensive bugfixing was done on existing features. A subset of the new features includes: HorizontalLayout and VerticalLayout, Groupbox, ToolBarButton, and translations into Chinese (3 dialects), PortuguÍs, Italiano, EspaŮol, Dansk, Dutch, and Deutsch. A control-backspace keyboard shortcut was added in jtextfield to delete the whole previous or next word.

      •  24 Dec 2003 13:48

        Release Notes: UICompiler has broadened its scope since the last release. After the rapid creation of new user interfaces is complete, further efforts will go into making it easier to add additional technologies and making the UI more responsive, both of which basic Swing has been doing poorly. With this release, using UICompiler classes will be just as important (if not even more important) as its capabilities of using a GUI designer.

        •  15 May 2003 10:40

          Release Notes: This release has many new features and minor bugfixes.


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