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UFO2000 is a multi-playable remake of Microprose's X-COM: UFO Defense that uses the Allegro game programming library. It can use the data files from original game, but does not require them.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2008 11:38

    Release Notes: A bug with a blind spot in soldier visibility was corrected. The visibility of flying soldiers vs. ground soldiers was balanced. The developer's guide was updated. Electroflares were added. Friendly units now have light around them when walking at night. Chryssalids added. A dawn city was added to the repository. Medikit support was added. Comments were added some function definitions were cleaned. Assorted bugs were fixed.

    •  13 Apr 2006 20:56

      Release Notes: The development branch brings a lot of major changes like the availability of a free set of graphics, much improved performance, high portability (x86, AMD-64, PPC, and ARM), night missions support, the ability to continue interrupted games on the server, and many other improvements.

      •  25 Dec 2004 09:56

        Release Notes: This version added support for different mission scenarios, internationalization, many user interface improvements, lots of help messages, a help system, a better looking and themable GUI, morale and panic support, an increase of the squad size limit from 10 to 15, and many other bugfixes and improvements.

        •  19 Feb 2004 18:40

          Release Notes: Different audio formats are now supported. Battlescape now use a soundtrack by ATeX from project Xenocide. The Airfield terrain type has been added (by Twilight Owl). An alternative keymap switch for notebook users (F9 key) is now supported.


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          Project Spotlight

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