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  •  17 Apr 2005 13:04

Release Notes: This release replaces the old PostgreSQL 6.2.x CDML with a more current and correct version. It adds support on Java for SQL TIMESTAMP. It removes the auto-commit at the end of UESQL blocks, so the commit must be done manually. Incorrect use of the term "schema" instead of "catalog" has been fixed. There are many internal enhancements and fixes.

  •  13 Oct 2003 00:48

Release Notes: This release added a command line modifier for checking the syntax, support for compiling multiple source files at a time, support for qualified identifiers in the function parameters of embedded expressions, and fixed a bug with not escaping double quotes, quotes, and backslashes. It also added proper support for rollbacks in Java, more convertors for the standard Java types, and many internal enhancements and fixes. The --output switch was removed as the output file is now determined from the input file name.

  •  20 Oct 2002 10:30

Release Notes: This release includes a new statement for declaring embedded search condition variables, alleviating the problem with unsupported prepared statements. It also includes more enhancements for the Java support and some bugfixes.

  •  28 Sep 2002 23:57

Release Notes: This release includes support for the PostgreSQL JDBC, adds support for the JAVA library in the Doxygen documentation, and includes many more enhancements and fixes.

  •  21 Aug 2002 11:13

Release Notes: Massive changes for supporting ISO/ANSI C++ were made. Support was added for Java as a host language. Initial support for JDBC as a target was added. A shared library was added. Better error checking and reporting was added. Many more enhancements and some fixes were made.

  •  20 Mar 2001 11:41

Release Notes: STL-like iterators for SQL queries, the compiler can read from standard input, ability to use embedded variables in cursor names with extended syntax, and many bugfixes.


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