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UDFclient is a userland implementation of the UDF filesystem as defined by the OSTA group. It is designed to be a study platform and a run-up to a full read and write (NetBSD) kernel level implementation. It provides a user interface not unlike ftp but differs in that it always fetches or writes files recursively. It supports the basic get, mget, put, mput, mv, rm, mkdir, cd, lcd, free, pwd, and lls command set.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Dec 2008 18:42

    Release Notes: This release has been enhanced with ideas and features from the author's NetBSD kernel implementation, enhancing directory operations and fixing potential lockups on 512 bytes/sector media. NetBSD hard disk support has been fixed, as well as a few compilation warnings when compiled with '-Wextra', revealing some possible bugs. cd_disect has been enhanced to display some more disc types. Some patches are included to fix possible buffer errors.

    •  07 Aug 2008 15:08

      Release Notes: A byteswapping option was implemented to allow udfclient to read and write PVR hard disks which appear to be byteswapped for some reason. Also, udfdump dumping was improved, making it handle big free space maps and allocation extensions and making cd_disect ATAPI happy again.

      •  20 Apr 2008 15:26

        Release Notes: This release fixes yet another regression found on some DVD-R/CD-RW drives, fixing newfs_udf and udfclient writing on those drives. Complete harddisc/flash support on Linux apeared to be broken and should be fixed now. There are many enhancements to cd_discect; it now reports not only the TOC and the PMA, but also the ATIP. The ATIP contains information on the CD-RW subtype, which is crucial for checking whether the disc can be written by the drive.

        •  18 Apr 2008 17:41

          Release Notes: Another regression found on modern CD-RW drives when dealing with CD-MRW media has been fixed. It would report them as sequential. For non CD-MRW formatted media, this version is the same as 0.6.0.

          •  17 Apr 2008 20:29

            Release Notes: This release fixes regressions found in newer DVD/CD combination drives that report bogus values for CD-RW media, and fixes 2G+ file write problems on some platforms. This fixes these drives' inability to newfs a CD-RW with newfs_udf, as well as writing problems with udfclient on CD-RW media.

            Recent comments

            08 Nov 2007 11:50 buzztoh

            Re: UDFclient - udf filesytem stuff.
            Sorry to not be clear on the building. I assumed a ./configure would be evident enough.

            To build, use:


            make && make install

            (note use posix make, either bmake or pmake)

            With regards,

            25 Oct 2007 07:52 lugoteehalt

            UDFclient - udf filesytem stuff.
            Downloaded a *.tgz from this site. Where the hell is the 'readme' file????

            Wouldn't make or make install at all. Then added flags to make and it made an attempt but stopped mysteriously. It is not sensible to have a program without a readme file.


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