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Universal disassembler

The uda is program for disassembling a binary file. It is able to read different binary file formats and different instruction sets. The functionality is based on plugins and external definition of an instruction set. It has a plugin for reading the Unix ELF format, and a plugin for reading the instruction stream and instruction set for the Intel PIII processor.

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14 Mar 2011 12:32 smrk

Actually, it is here:
The doxygen documentation is available here:

20 Jun 2010 05:27 thesquid

A short paper on uda can be found here: webcache.googleusercon...
Doesn't seem like the author's university page has an actual homepage for uda, so aside from the fm proj page here, that paper seems to be the only other resource I've seen (so I thought I'd post the link, etc)


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