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  •  18 Jan 2008 10:35

Release Notes: Extended use of asserts to validate API parameters and pre-conditions. Better support and changes for NetBSD, for older versions of GCC, OpenBSD, and for supporting uclibc Linux kernel targets.

  •  30 Dec 2007 09:26

Release Notes: Introduction of dynamically mutex managed guard regions to protect arbitrary objects without having to embed per-object initialized mutexes, as well as an auto pointer based template class to automatically manage the scope of mutex protected memory. Conditional locking has been separated into scheduling access, and rewritten to support recursive share access to simplify API use cases and to optimize scheduling of read and write threads. Closure of remaining pthread functions into portable threading for full mingw32/w32 portability.

  •  28 Nov 2007 10:58

Release Notes: Extensive work in documenting the behavior of the API and providing complete doxygenized headers was performed. Significant refactoring for both simplicity and consistency in the class framework was also made. Finally, preparatory work to allow direct merging of the ucommon and GNU Common C++ frameworks into a single framework was completed.

  •  19 Oct 2007 09:50

Release Notes: Simplification of the threading model by elimination of cancellable threads. A new steplock synchronization class and timed event notification support.

  •  30 Sep 2007 07:42

Release Notes: Significant improvements to shared thread locking and thread scheduling through conditional locks, particularly in regard to writer starvation scenarios. Shared conditional locks are fully convertible for fast modify methods while holding a shared lock. The Web site and home page have been updated. Default compile mode has been inverted to stdcpp support as preliminary step for a future merge with GNU Common C++.

  •  08 Sep 2007 17:24

Release Notes: This release adds documentation for core library concepts, use of doxygen for library documentation, and new thread synchronization objects, including rexlock and condlock types. Some classes have been re-rationalized for clarity and simplicity, including the cidr class and socket/address classes.

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