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  •  08 Sep 2013 20:20

Release Notes: Small but essential fixes in the fsys class. Fixes for other small socket address validation assignment operations that risked security.

  •  23 May 2013 17:44

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, particularly in respect to gnutls support and long-standing address list comparison operator issues.

  •  21 Nov 2012 23:33

Release Notes: A new version 6 API. A complete refactor of most core classes for greater consistency and simplicity. Many depreciated methods and conventions have been removed.

  •  12 Jun 2011 21:16

Release Notes: Starting with version 5 of GNU uCommon, inheritability of ucommon thread classes were extended, and what used to be known separately as GNU Common C++ is now merged into and included as part of the ucommon package, using ucommon core classes. GNU uCommon is now also required to support GNU CCRTP (and libzrtpcpp) version 2.0 and later. The latest release of ucommon (5.0.2) adds support for OpenSSL FIPS compliance and a portable cryptographic archiver.

  •  23 Jan 2011 08:39

Release Notes: C++ generics were introduced. Improvements were made to the cmake build system. Separation of containers was done.

  •  01 Oct 2010 10:12

Release Notes: The entire API was reorganized, in part focusing on the formal introduction of "protocols", a concept borrowed from Objective-C and similar languages. A number of new utilities have also been introduced to securely erase individual files and to explicitly destroy forensically useful meta-data.

  •  19 Sep 2010 11:05

Release Notes: This version refocuses on the mission of uCommon as a lightweight core runtime library for C++ focused on design patterns, threads, sockets, and security. Other libraries that were recently added have been detached, including ccscript4, which will become part of the next Bayonne release.

  •  07 Aug 2010 06:56

Release Notes: Integration of internationalization support through gettext, and of system error logging, and improved shell argument parsing through shell objects.

  •  12 Jul 2010 03:10

Release Notes: Traditional, random, and digest uuid functions have been added. New buffered pipes and child process management support have been added. There is improved shell argument parsing and better mingw32 build support.

  •  29 Jun 2010 05:15

Release Notes: Shell parsing was fixed. More importantly, secure cryptographic support was extended to use GnuTLS and Gcrypt as well OpenSSL. The goal is to remove the complexity of supporting different crypto libraries by offering a single API for secure application development.


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