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uBeeDisk is a tool that copies disks and images from one to another. It was developed to archive Microbee disk images from floppy disks and to write them back to floppy, but other disk formats can be added. It is intended mainly for users of computer emulators. As the program makes use of the 'LibDsk' library there are many options for image types. The program provides some data recovery methods along with 'info' files for each disk image file created. An 'info' file contains information about the disk image, a status map of all sectors read from the disk, and an MD5 stamp of the associated disk image.

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  •  11 Jan 2014 05:02

Release Notes: This release fixed a major bug in format_track() where Microbee DS80 DSK images were not using the correct sector numbers when format_track_range() was being used for partial formatting of a disk (i.e. when using the --start and --finish options). DS80 was incorrectly using sectors 1-10 instead of 21-30 for data tracks. Any formats that make use of xdg.dg_secbase2c to specify the data cylinder start point will now use the sector base value held in xdg.dg_secbase2s.

Release Notes: This release added Floppyio 'fioxx' and North Star Horizon 'nshs'disk macros to 'ubeedisk.ini.sample'. The Windows distribution now has all text files in CRLF format and with '.txt' extensions. Changes were made to reset_input_drive_and_settings() to bypass if it is not a PC floppy disk as the input type. This function was causing Remote time-out errors under Linux and possibly Win32. Error reporting and exit(EXIT_FAILURE) were also added at various points. Changes were made to close_files() to report any dsk_close() errors. Help in the ub-xsxx-makexxx.bat files was fixed. There were also various compiler warning fixes.

  •  16 May 2012 21:56

Release Notes: This release adds a user prompt to determine what action is required when the destination file already exists (allowing the file to be overwritten or skipped), adds a Pause menu to disk scanning, formatting, and speed tests, adds additional disk formats, changes the "remote" type to allow the new USB Floppyio external floppy interface to use full capabilities, and performs smarter detection of "remote" capabilities, along with numerous other improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release sees the source code reorganized, allowing other disk detection modules to be added easily. The new detection modules Applix 1616/OS and FM were added. Changes were made to the way track buffering works and its option. Logical and physical sectors are now shown with more information if the --verbose option is used. Writing the complete info file when "abort" is selected has been fixed. The --start and --finish options were fixed. This release fixes the FLAGS_C5H0S0 format which was broken in version 2.0.0 and the recovery option if the drive door is opened when reading a sector. It changes the action for the Retry method.

Release Notes: This release greatly increases the reading speed from floppy disks. Spindle motor RPM monitoring was added, which may be used for calibration. A clean heads process was added. Track reads are now buffered with programmable skew settings. Key detection allows the copy process to be paused with a Pause menu which permits head cleaning and changing of the error handling mode. Many problems have been fixed, including issues with some difficult 5.25" and 8" drives, ubeedisk.ini.sample has been overhauled and includes new disk formats and many new options were added. New Gamma, Applix, and IBM3740 built-in formats have been added.


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