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Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator

Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator (UADE) plays most Amiga music file formats by simulating Amiga hardware and software. It plays approximately 200 Amiga music file formats. It provides a command line tool for playing, but it also provides music player plugins for XMMS and Audacious. For other music players, there is a FUSE filesystem that transparently converts Amiga songs to WAV files.

Operating Systems

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  •  29 Oct 2009 22:06

Release Notes: This release updates two and adds one new Amiga player. It fixes problems in uadefs and Cygwin support.

  •  28 Aug 2008 00:01

Release Notes: Three new replayers were added, uadefs and uade123 were improved, and several bugs were fixed.

  •  05 Jul 2008 08:27

Release Notes: Audacious plugin installation path and OS X support were fixed.

  •  20 Jun 2008 17:04

Release Notes: uadefs was implemented, which is a FUSE filesystem that transparently converts Amiga songs to WAV files. Some replayers were added, and many bugfixes, cleanups, and documentation changes were made.

  •  27 Dec 2007 20:55

Release Notes: The replayers were added and updated. A few bugs were fixed. A lot of code was cleaned.

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05 Jun 2002 09:28 babyhead Thumbs up

thank you!
Thanks for opening up this classic world of audio on my linux box :)


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