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  •  20 Sep 2011 08:09

Release Notes: A new retweet counter, and better displays. Relative time now updates correctly.

  •  27 Jul 2011 20:36

Release Notes: New URL shortener services have been added (, There are bugfixes with updating timelines, a logging system for better bug tracking, and some other new features.

  •  19 Jun 2011 07:24

Release Notes: The ability to read thread tweets was added. The resize window event was improved. New timelines and icons were added.

  •  14 Jun 2011 05:16

Release Notes: The code was reviewed and improved. French and Spanish translations were added.

  •  05 Jun 2011 17:55

Release Notes: This is the first release supporting and, the same way that Tyrs does for Twitter.

  •  31 May 2011 05:27

Release Notes: A help screen can now be displayed with '?'. The help bar on the bottom can be deactivated with the help=0 parameter. Navigation between timelines was improved. Tweets can now be deleted with 'C'. The screen can be redrawn with '^L'. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  28 May 2011 18:45

Release Notes: A configuration file can now be generated from the command line. Colors are used in the activities bar. Navigation through timelines is enabled with the left and right arrows or "J" and "K".


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