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  •  27 Feb 2010 20:14

    Release Notes: This minor release includes over 150 new features such as improved tree navigation, quick publishing, extended "edit multiple" options, a better interface for custom MooTools scripts, enhanced image options, and improved user management.

    •  03 Nov 2008 21:30

    Release Notes: This release includes two new core extensions, the memberlist module and the extension repository client, and introduces a new article navigation module that allows you to navigate articles as if they were split into multiple pages. A couple of frequently requested features, like moving news between archives or an option to define an individual date format per root page, have also been added.

    •  21 Oct 2008 21:46

    Release Notes: This release has an Events/Calendar module, a Newsletter module, a periodic command scheduler, and a punBB bridge. It has a News module with comments, a TinyMCE update, TCPDF as an alternative to DOMPDF, and many more new features, small updates, and bugfixes.

    •  11 Jun 2007 05:26

    Release Notes: This version adds a yearly view to the events module, a time field for news articles, and an option to use the calendar/events and news modules with different archives. Apart from that, this version fixes some encoding bugs in the PDF article generator and some other minor bugs. You can update to this version via the live update feature.

    •  08 Jun 2007 11:03

    Release Notes: This version contains many new modules like a guestbook, a calendar/event planner, a newsletter module, and a comments module. It is now also possible to print pages as PDF documents. TinyMCE was also updated to 2.1.1, and the Google Spellchecker is now enabled. You can update to this version using the live update feature or the provided archive files.

    •  02 May 2007 13:30

    Release Notes: This release features updates to all language packs and an improved RSS reader that supports enclosures. It is possible to hide redirect pages from the menu. There are minor bugfixes. You can update by using the live update feature.

    •  26 Apr 2007 07:43

    Release Notes: Polish and Russian translations were added. A development module was added to show how to write your own modules. A source editor was added to the file manager. It is now possible to create forms without tables. The image script was improved, so it is now able to handle transparency. The module handling in the backend and the style sheet import were improved. There are many other improvements and some minor bugfixes. You can update to this version using the live update feature.

    •  11 Apr 2007 04:13

    Release Notes: Swedish and Romanian stopwords for the indexer were added. The news archive title is now shown in the news template. The metadata parser in the image gallery was improved again. It is now possible to delete all undo and versioning steps. Some minor bugs were fixed. You can update to this version via live update from any previous 2.2 version.

    •  04 Apr 2007 03:30

    Release Notes: This version brings some improvements to the image library and the ability to use HTML in lists and tables. It is now possible to position custom layout sections freely. This version also fixes a bug in the FTP library (safe mode hack) and other small bugs. You can also update to this version via live update.

    •  30 Mar 2007 02:37

    Release Notes: This version fixes a major bug in the file manager and a small bug in the file library. You can use the live update feature to update to this version.


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    A lightweight library containing a number of classes and functions to ease the task of programming GTK+ programs with C++ in POSIX environments.


    Project Spotlight

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