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Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your typing speed. It displays your CPS and WPM, typo ratio, and some points to compare with your friends. It is a clone of 'ztspeed', and features a network play mode for challenging your friends.


Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2008 17:37

    Release Notes: A memory allocation issue for wordlists that contain more than 1024 words has been fixed. Minor portability issues have been fixed. High score list entries can be sorted by points, accuracy, or speed.

    •  01 Dec 2007 12:19

      Release Notes: An issue where specially crafted network packets can lead to a division by zero, resulting in a segmentation fault was fixed. Total characters per seconds won't be displayed anymore, instead the more often used words per minute (for correctly entered words) will be shown.

      •  09 Nov 2007 19:15

        Release Notes: A major rework of the network code has been done in order to make it actually usable. High scores are not limited to top 10 anymore, and French and Italian translations have been added.

        •  01 Jun 2007 13:34

          Release Notes: This release fixes many bugs. The most disturbing was that "enter" and "space" (needed to finish a word if not in cheat mode) were counted as typos. A buffer underrun in file parsing has been fixed, and string operations are always finished with \0, no matter how obvious it might seem that strings fit into the buffer.

          •  16 Mar 2007 13:05

            Release Notes: The build process has switched to autotools, allowing translation of menus with gettext and native build support for even more architectures. A possible issue in dropping privileges on Linux has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            22 Dec 2002 11:20 cneumann

            Hey, it's more than a tool to get your CPS. The "multiplayer mode" is fun (try it)! Now you can show the other geeks who's the fastest hacker of all time :)


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