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Release Notes: New targets include ASCII Art, AsciiDoc, Creole, DocBook, and PmWiki. A new mark was adaded for tagged text. A new command %!csv was added to include a CSV file. New command line options include --targets, --slides, --width, --height, and --art-chars. New plugins for JOE, ne, le, and markitUp editors. Improvements were made to the HTML, LaTeX, Lout, and Man Page targets. Basque, Chinese, and Ukrainian translations were added.

  •  27 Jul 2008 07:45

Release Notes: New targets include Wikipedia, Google Code Wiki, and DokuWiki. A new mark was added for strikeout text. New tools include a TextMate bundle, a gedit language file, and a gensite program. Unicode (UTF-8) support was improved. The PHP Web interface was rewritten. Improvements were made to the MoinMoin, LaTeX, and Lout targets. Finnish and Chinese translations were added.

  •  18 Jun 2005 12:01

Release Notes: This release brings the table column span feature for HTML/XHTML. The new --config-file option allows configuration to be included from an external file and --dump-source show the source file with the includes expanded. The new "Markup Rules" document is a complete guide for all the marks. There are documentation translations for French, Hungarian, and Chinese.

  •  30 Dec 2004 09:59

Release Notes: This release comes with a new suported target: Lout documents. There is also a new --css-inside option to place the CSS file contents into the HTML headers. Windows users will like the T2TCONFIG env var to specify the RC file location. Python programmers will like the new samples showing how to use txt2tags as a module. New translations: German, French, and Spanish.

  •  13 Nov 2004 22:26

Release Notes: This release adds new macros (%%toc, %%mtime, %%infile, %%outfile), the new --quiet option, and important code fixes and improvements. The User Guide was revamped with new chapters and the program was translated to Hungarian and Italian.

  •  26 Jul 2004 02:26

Release Notes: The code was rewritten, XHTML support was added, and the generated (X)HTML code is now approved by W3C validator. A configuration file can now be stored in ~/.txt2tagsrc. Many new command line options were added along with internationalization support, Brazilian Portuguese translations, new CSS facilities, and extra tools to assist with site management.

  •  30 Nov 2003 12:32

Release Notes: This release features the new include command, used to insert external file contents into the source document. Emacs users will enjoy the new syntax highlight file, rewritten from scratch. Some user reported bugs were fixed, and regex checking was added to the Pre/Post processing filters. This is the last 1.x series release.

  •  24 Jul 2003 02:22

Release Notes: This version features new %!preproc: and %!postproc: user defined filters. There's also a new mark + for explicit numbered titles, +like this+, so now users can mix normal titles with numbered ones, like a book with Appendix. Now all the config settings can be linked with a especific target, using the new "%!key(target):value" syntax. Lots of user reported bugs was fixed, titles on LaTeX are unnumbered by default (as other targets) and the GUI was improved, showing %!cmdline contents (if any) and refreshing checkboxes when a new file is loaded.

  •  09 May 2003 14:28

Release Notes: There is a new %!cmdline setting to specify a default command line. There are new short options -H and -n for --noheaders and --enumtitle. The new options -o and --outfile are used to set the output filename. The LaTeX target now supports images.

  •  18 Feb 2003 08:13

Release Notes: A new smart align mode was implemented for the full table and for each table cell. The --style option was added to specify an HTML CSS file, and the --toclevel option was added to set the maximum TOC deepness. The --maskemail option (which was broken since v1.2) was fixed.


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