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  •  20 Dec 2001 14:31

Release Notes: This release fixes a Layer 1 object serialization bug that was found when Object Referencing was turned on.

  •  04 Mar 2001 16:57

Release Notes: This release includes changes to txObject ATK native thread abstraction layer so that it mimics txObject ATK homegrown thread layer. As a result, Native event queues work appropriately.

  •  19 Feb 2001 20:06

Release Notes: This release provides a few minor enhancements to layers 1 and 5. In particular, there is a change in how distributed objects arbitrate ownership. But more importantly, this release provides a workaround for a Window 2000 UDP socket bug (Q249149). Developers will now have to compile with the flag WIN2K_UDP_FIX.


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A spaced repetition flash card program.


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An e-book reader for the Google Android platform.