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Twisted Conch

Conch is an SSHv2, Telnet, and VT102 implementation. It interfaces well with other Python projects such as Imagination, and includes an experimental console windowing library (Insults) and support for rudimentary line editing behaviors. A new implementation of Twisted's Manhole application is also included, featuring server-side input history and interactive syntax coloring.


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  •  28 May 2006 00:07

Release Notes: The in-memory terminal emulator's "expect" functionality now supports timeouts. The SSH server and client are now approximately five times faster for bulk-data transfers.

Release Notes: This release featured an experimental windowing library based on Insults, which provides widgets such as TextInput, Button, ScrolledArea, HBox, and VBox. This library can be used to very easily throw together rather complex user interfaces that can be exposed either via SSH or Telnet. Several minor SSH bugs were been fixed.


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