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  •  19 Jul 2001 06:17

Release Notes: This release includes many bugfixes for the Spreadable Computing components, and introduces a simple IRC server.

  •  10 Jul 2001 11:33

Release Notes: The directory structure was restructured. Dead code was removed. Lots of bugs were fixed, especially Windows-specific bugs. The new Twisted Spread package was integrated. The new "Spreadable Computing" support drastically improves the robustness of various remotely accessible services within Twisted.

  •  04 Jun 2001 23:09

Release Notes: More unit tests, better documentation, and a new ObjectBroker protocol that is a simplified version of the old Gloop.

  •  14 May 2001 16:24

Release Notes: An FTP server has been added, as well as a netexprs library to implement expressions over Netstrings. Some remaining bugs in twisted.web have been fixed. This release has much more and better API documentation. The s-expressions module has been improved, and a serialization format (Jelly) and network protocol (ProtoBroker) based upon it have been added.

  •  08 May 2001 08:13

Release Notes: Protocol implementation is now independant from transport-layer, and protocol parsing is separated from application logic. New "twisted.mail" package, with support for POP3 and SMTP. Unit tests for protocol parsing. twisted.reality heavily refactored to fix bugs in object containment and enhance the control that verb authors have over the way verbs are dispatched.

  •  26 Mar 2001 23:09

Release Notes: Near-complete game design documentation for Inheritance, additions to containers and doors for twisted reality, POP3 support, SSL support with M2Crypto, removal of the pixel resource from web.Interface, much leaner HTML layout for that in general, a new ability to stop any delayed action before it takes place, an HTTP client, and lots of fixes.

  •  12 Mar 2001 05:52

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for many small bugs in CGI script handling and web server error reporting, as well as updates to the documentation including thorough docstrings for the "net" module and a small tutorial on the Web site.

  •  09 Mar 2001 06:05

Release Notes: Lots of little additions to Twisted Reality for more streamlined authoring, enhanced Inheritance, more examples of Twisted.Web usage and embedded Python execution, general cleanup and refactoring, and a fix for a security flaw where MD5 challenges in Gloop were always the same.

  •  26 Feb 2001 00:39

Release Notes: This release includes many feature additions including CGI and PHP for twisted.web, distributed Web server support, better configuration options, an IRC bot framework, UNIX domain sockets in, and numerous bugfixes.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

    Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.


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